• Insurance and reinsurance groups continue to experience increasing demands on capital driven by regulatory and rating agency requirements
    • Disposing of run-off liabilities releases capital to be re-deployed in their core business
    • Solvency II is causing a high level of focus on capital allocation across business lines in Europe

  • Allows groups to focus management resource on growth and expansion opportunities rather than on legacy operations

  • Live reinsurance businesses carry a different cost structure and often may not have the right expertise to expedite early finality
    • Commuting old policies is difficult for live businesses as cedants are often current trading partners

  • Publicly listed business will often have their share price held back by the perception of a problematic pool of claims because of legacy issues

  • Sellers of discontinued businesses value both early release of capital and the certainty associated from a clean exit to a trusted counter-party

Thinking of selling?

If you are thinking of selling your run-off, contact Mayur Patel, Head of M&A or Chris Fagan, Chief Executive.
T: +44 207 265 5059
E: Mayur Patel

T: +1 441 294 6355
E: Chris Fagan

Use Catalina to generate value
through run-off

Selling to Catalina allows businesses to refocus on core activities, unlock capital, reduce costs and have a clean exit from liabilities.

Catalina is:
  • focused on non-life run off
  • proven in the industry
  • well established
  • regulated internationally