Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd acquires and manages non-life insurance and
reinsurance companies and portfolios in run-off.

Catalina has made Twenty-three acquisitions to date with average consideration in excess of $100 million.
See acquisitions.

We acquire companies and portfolios in well-regulated jurisdictions. Given the concentration of the insurance and reinsurance industry in certain countries, our geographical focus is in Bermuda, the US and UK and mainland Europe.

We offer owners of insurance and reinsurance companies and portfolios in run-off finality through outright acquisition. Alternatively, we consider co-venturing, profit sharing or partnership structures.

In acquiring a company or portfolio in run-off, we provide a clean exit for owners from existing and future liabilities and the release and redeployment of substantial and unproductive capital.

We are sensitive to the concerns of businesses selling insurance and reinsurance policies to a new owner. Catalina is committed to maintaining the good reputation of acquired entities.

Key facts


Buying and managing companies and portfolios in run-off



Shareholders equity

$700 million

Regulated in

Bermuda, Switzerland, Ireland, USA, UK



Acquisitions to date

German legacy medical malpractice liabilities

SFMI (U.S. Branch)

Allianz Suisse Ruckversicherungs- Gesellschaft AG

AGF Insurance


Papiro AG

Quinn Insurance Limited (legacy liabilities)

Danielson Indemnity Company

NationsBuilders Insurance Company

Delta Lloyd

Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd.

SPARTA Insurance Holdings, Inc.

AS Re Bermuda


HSBC Reinsurance Ltd and HSBC Insurance (Ireland) Ltd

Residential Loss Control Holdings

Glacier Reinsurance AG

Western General Insurance Ltd

Alea Holdings UK Ltd

Quanta Capital

Overseas Partners (the first acquisition, renamed Catalina Re Ltd)

Chief Executive

Chris Fagan

Major Shareholders



Thinking of selling?

If you are thinking of selling your run-off, contact Mayur Patel, Head of M&A or Chris Fagan, Chief Executive.
T: +44 207 265 5059
E: Mayur Patel

T: +1 441 494 6355
E: Chris Fagan

Use Catalina to generate value
through run-off

Selling to Catalina allows businesses to refocus on core activities, unlock capital, reduce costs and have a clean exit from liabilities.

Catalina is:
  • focused on non-life run off
  • proven in the industry
  • well established
  • regulated internationally