What we do

Catalina has made Thirty acquisitions and Loss Portfolio transfers to date with total reserves in excess of $9bn. View our acquisitions here.

We acquire companies and portfolios in well-regulated jurisdictions around the world. Historically, given the concentration of the insurance and reinsurance industry in certain markets our geographical focus has been towards the US, UK and mainland Europe. However, following our acquisition of ACR in March 2020, we are open to opportunities beyond these markets, including in Asia and the Middle East.

We offer owners of insurance and reinsurance companies and portfolios in run-off finality through outright acquisition. Alternatively, we consider co-venturing, profit sharing or partnership structures.

In acquiring a company or portfolio in run-off, we provide a clean exit for owners from existing and future liabilities and the release and redeployment of substantial and unproductive capital.

We are sensitive to the concerns of businesses selling insurance and reinsurance policies to a new owner. Catalina is committed to maintaining the good reputation of acquired entities.

Catalina Core Values

Catalina’s Core Values have been formed under the ‘Flight Plan’. Our flight plan is founded on the values we strive to achieve as we bring together our diverse backgrounds, combined expertise and our mutual passions in the philosophy of “One Catalina”. Please click here to find out more.

Key facts

Activity: Buying and managing companies or reinsuring portfolios in run-off

Based: Bermuda

Shareholders equity: $1 billion

Regulated in: Bermuda, US (New York, Connecticut and Colorado), Switzerland, Ireland, the UK, Singapore and Malaysia.

Founded: 2005

Founders: Chris Fagan and Dean Dwonczyk

Chief Executive: Bruce Hemphill

Shareholders: Apollo / RenaissanceRe / Management