Catalina acquires companies typically with net tangible assets, shareholders funds or surplus, of between $50 million and $500 million, although we make acquisitions outside these parameters.

Loss reserves in transactions may vary significantly. Catalina has acquired loss reserves in the range of $100 million to $1.5 billion.

Catalina has a senior management team covering financial, actuarial, legal and claims disciplines and close working relationships with the best external professionals in the market.

The combination of financial strength and focused internal resources gives Catalina particular advantage in assessing and acquiring companies and portfolios in run-off.

Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd is a privately owned Bermuda based business with Shareholders equity capital of circa $533 million provided by five blue chip international investors and by executive management. Transactions are funded by a combination of available capital resources and senior debt and we have excellent relationships with our key lending institutions.

Catalina has a proven track record of successful acquisitions. We are committed to protecting the reputation of the businesses we acquire.

The transaction evaluation process

Catalina's pragmatic approach is to arrive quickly at a decision in principle before conducting full analysis. This enables us to provide vendors with rapid answers to aid their decision making, saves them management time and provides them with certainty of deal execution more quickly. Our internal evaluation process considers the main issues and objectives of a prospective transaction. Where a deal is viable, our initial assessment is aimed at producing outline terms.

Following a decision in principle, our due diligence team conducts a detailed evaluation. We aim to minimise any disruption caused to the vendor's business. We have the necessary resources and skill sets in-house to consider all the key actuarial, financial and legal issues arising from an initial due diligence review.

Use Catalina to generate value through run-off

Selling to Catalina allows businesses to refocus on core activities, unlock capital, reduce costs and have a clean exit from liabilities.

Catalina is:

  • focused on non-life run off
  • proven in the industry
  • well established
  • regulated internationally

Thinking of selling?

If you are thinking of selling your run-off, contact Steve Ryland, Head of Global Distribution.